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Consent Under Coercion album front cover

Consent Under Coercion


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Anywhere But Here album front cover

But Here


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The Agartha Tesseract album front cover

The Agartha


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The Balance of Risk album front cover

The Balance
of Risk

Aurora Project

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A huge songwriting talent at work here!

Hemisphere Music, Holland
The Balance of Risk is an excellent and very diverse album
Bruce Gall, ARFM Radio
Beautifully crafted music showing extremely well the compositional capabilities of this artist
CD Services
Amazing songwriting and atmospheres with mix of classic prog/pop elements with contemporary drum programming and soundscapes (about Zdiar)
People Sound (early music portal)
Consent Under Coercion is a damn fine album
Emma Roebuck, Progzilla Radio
This is a true solo effort with no frills and some good progressive rock. Brian Johnstone is quite a talent.
Keith Hannaleck, Prog Rock Music Talk
Fantastic songs, musically brilliant and a pretty good vocalist thrown in there too. This has to be one of the better Prog albums i’ve bought recently.
David McCombe

The Music

Brian Johnstone is a driven and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of modern progressive rock. His innovative arrangements, beautiful melodies and forward-thinking modern approach echo the work of artists the likes of Toto, It Bites and Steve Hackett, just to mention a few.

As a seasoned keyboardist, Brian is part of several bands and side projects, including Zdiar and Scarlet Inside.

His sound is all about great sonic textures with a rock feel, clever musicianship and visionary compositions in a modern progressive rock context.

More about Brian and his music

Modern Progressive Rock (Neo Prog?)

Whether within the creative collective of a collaborative project such as Zdiar or on his solo project Brian Johnstone’s music is refreshingly modern combining the best of progressive rock and tuneful innovative music with a gritty honesty and insightful lyrics.

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News from the front

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Consent Under Coercion – now streaming

I finally got Consent Under Coercion on to Apple Music. It's now available for streaming on Apple Music (via CD Baby) and a few other sources. Of course the best place to stream the music (or even pay a few

  • Jimmy Zavala

Easy as XYZ: Xcess, Yes and Jimmy Z

While in Los Angeles recently I was recording some backing tracks for my new album I bumped into Jimmy Zavala. Better known as Jimmy Z (and his band Z Tribe) he is best known for his legendary harmonica and sax

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Interview with Progshine the prog rock network

An interview I did with Progshine (the prog rock network) a few months back. Thanks to Diego for flying the flag.

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Review by Rock/Progressive Reviews

A review by the online service Prog Rock Music Talk.

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