Consent Under Coercion by Brian Johnstone

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The latest album:
Consent Under Coercion
A modern melodic prog album

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Consent Under Coercion available on iTunes and Apple Music
Consent Under Coercion available on iTunes and Apple Music
Consent Under Coercion available on Amazon
Consent Under Coercion available on Google Play
Consent Under Coercion available on CD Baby
Consent Under Coercion available on Bandcamp

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Consent Under Coercion album front cover

Consent Under Coercion


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Anywhere But Here album front cover

But Here


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The Agartha Tesseract album front cover

The Agartha


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The Balance of Risk album front cover

The Balance
of Risk

Solo (Aurora Project)

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A huge songwriting talent at work here!

Hemisphere Music, Holland
The Balance of Risk is an excellent and very diverse album
Bruce Gall, ARFM Radio
Beautifully crafted music showing extremely well the compositional capabilities of this artist
CD Services
Amazing songwriting and atmospheres with mix of classic prog/pop elements with contemporary drum programming and soundscapes (about Zdiar)
People Sound (early music portal)
Consent Under Coercion is a damn fine album
Emma Roebuck, Progzilla Radio
This is a true solo effort with no frills and some good progressive rock. Brian Johnstone is quite a talent.
Keith Hannaleck, Prog Rock Music Talk
Fantastic songs, musically brilliant and a pretty good vocalist thrown in there too. This has to be one of the better Prog albums i’ve bought recently.
David McCombe

About Me

I am a multi genre artist, writer, composer with many musical personas. I have a calling to make music. I am driven to make music of all types. I love the challenge of trying to make good music of whatever type.

The Musical Artist

I release my own music under various project band names depending on the the people, style, genre and purpose. Each project/band has its own style/approach to music making.

The Songwriter and Co-Writer

I write many styles of music for myself and for others. I have worked with and collaborated in songwriting with several artists including Gary Tallant (of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band) , Judie Tzuke, Redrama (Lasse Mellberg) and Mike Read.

The Entrepreneur/Businessman

I have multiple jobs, roles and skill sets to ensure I can earn a living.
Learn more about my background as an artist, a writer/composer, a businessman.

News from the front

And relax…

In recent times I have spent a lot of time using virtual instruments trying to sound like a full band: learning a lot about bass and guitar techniques to try and emulate them on keyboards (not loops: I actually play

Steve Hackett – Suite for Electric Guitar, Orchestra….. and Taurus Bass Pedals

Having mainly European musical influences I love when rock bands incorporate European classical elements in their music. So using classical forms, compositional techniques and orchestration (in the broadest sense) is always a fascinating combination. This is no more true than

It Bites – Live in London on CD – gasp!

Being a streaming convert I hardly ever buy CD’s these days. However with the issue of the latest It Bites Live ‘box set’ I couldn’t resist It Bites are one of my favourite bands of all time but never really

The Boston Tea (Water) Party

Oh how times have changed My first backpacking trip started in Boston in 1991. It was all pizza and burgers and beer. Here I am back in Boston and Its all healthy water and avocado. Go me! In 1991 I

Nashville, here I come

I am attending the CD Baby DIY Musician European Conference in Nashville next week. I listen to the CD Baby/DIY Musician podcast religiously and I use CD Baby as my online distributor to get my music into Spotify, Apple Music,

Relaxing Piano Music

Being a keyboard/piano player I have written many piano instrumentals over the years. But for some reason I never got round to completing/releasing them: there was always another project taking priority. Since my last album release was a big prog

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