About Brian

Brian Johnstone is a multi-genre musician, keyboard player and songwriter/composer based in Glasgow Scotland. His catalogue of 4 albums is so varied he is like 3 artists rolled into one.

Firstly there’s his symphonic rock/prog rock approach with big symphonic and cinematic soundscapes dishing out heavy rock guitar riffs and shredding backed with melodic accessible songs.

There’s his more ‘radio friendly’ contemporary rock/pop songs which boast catchy melodies with a pop/rock sensibility and a sprinkling of many styles.

Finally there’s the keyboard, synth, ambient, electronic, pseudo-orchestral textures emphasizing his schooling as a well rounded and dyed-in-the-wool eclectic keyboard player.

Whatever genre he includes, the objective of the hybridisation is still to produce great songs and music that is accessible, honest and meaningful.

Emphasising his varied range of influences and styles Brian has worked with such diverse artists as UK singer songwriter Judy Tzuke, Garry Tallant (founder member, with Bruce Springsteen, of The E Street Band) and Finnish hip hop artist Redrama (Lasse Mellberg) as well as classic prog singer Euan Lowson (ex Pallas).

The Multi Genre Approach

Never satisfied being stuck in one particular genre Brian experiments with, and draws on, a range of style and genres in his compositions. He likes to ‘mix things up’ a bit while still aiming to producing good listenable and engaging songs and music.

Always trying to balance the qualities of a good song with innovation and freshness means his music always contain surprises and is never predictable

Incorporating elements of progressive rock, classic rock, electronic, pop, ambient, jazz-fusion and classical elements his music is always full of surprises but never at the expense of good songs.

No matter what styles are incorporated the aim is always the same: making good quality music that engages and touches people whilst also surprising them and challenging their expectations.

Simply always expect the unexpected as he investigates and incorporates even more diverse genres and styles to continue to write music that has no boundaries or limits.

The Music

Brian plays a range of music styles. For the purposes of classification you could loosely say he plays Progressive Rock/Pop merely  on the basis that this title allows the maximum flexibility and gives ……music with no boundaries. Just the way it should be.

In the best tradition of progressive rock the music follows no formula for length, form, style, instrumentation, subject matter or approach. It contains wee bits of everything to make melodic, powerful, engaging music that rocks, contains sensible lyrics and constantly changing and challenging moods.

Brian’s  approach and unique style provides a fresh approach to modern rock music combining the best elements of classic/progressive rock featuring keyboards, guitars, drums and bass in a modern context.


Multi genre music…. a wee bit of everything

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