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Zdiar is pronounced Sdeeeaaarrr.

Zdiar is a progressive/electronic/rock/pop duo consisting of Brian Johnstone and Ralf Seidel. The music is an interesting concoction of styles from two countries, cultures and influences and gives Zdiar a unique sound in modern music which defies classification.

Combining Ralf leanings to electronic influences from electro-pop, film soundtrack and ambient atmospheres with Brian’s influences of live rock, piano, jazz fusion and soundtracks Zdiar music is a true hybrid bringing the best from many styles but cleverly used to produce an identity of it’s own.

The songs are catchy, melodic with great arrangements but always contain a few surprises. This sound will appeal to people who like good melodies, lyrics and atmospheres with great songwriting but with something a little different from top 40 and predictable radio tunes. Accessible and tuneful but innovative and refreshing would be a Zdiar trademark.

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Anywhere But Here

The 2012 release contains 8 stunning tracks  including 2 instrumentals and 6 vocal tracks featuring Des McFarlane. This eclectic collection of songs contains the very best of Zdiar music from ambient, new age moods of ‘Green Mountain’ to the electronic pulsating pop of ‘Resurrection’, the melancholy piano/vocal song ‘Anywhere But Here’ to the soundscapes of ‘Islands’.

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The Agartha Tesseract

The debut album by Zdiar takes on a journey to the mythical underworld of Agartha. A true concept album the Agartha Tesseract contains 15 individual tracks including heavy guitar sampled instrumental (Tempest), electronic pop ballads (Elements of Truth, Mescalero) ambient soundscapes (Abyss, As Flowers Wither) and pseudo orchestral cinematic extravaganzas.

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