I have recently been binging on podcasts about songwriting, music production and all things music. One notable episode popped up in the podcast ‘Songcraft’ who interview (famous) songwriters. They also recently interviewed Tony Banks (notably keyboard player and major songwriter in Genesis)

On this edition they interviewed Beth Nielsen Chapman who I met last year at the Chris Difford Songwriting Retreat. We had a good chat about getting songs placed with other artists and generally making connections in the industry and she shared a few real insights with me, which was cool.

I wasn’t really aware of her track record before we met but I sure am now. In this podcast the guys discuss a lot of the songs she has written for herself and other artists including Willie Nelson, Trisha Yearwood, Bonnie Rait, Elton John and more. In the podcast Beth gave a very entertaining and informative chat about the ups and downs we experience as artists, songwriters and humans.

http://www.songcraftshow.com – Song Craft Show

http://www.bethnielsenchapman.com – Beth Nielsen Chapman