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Classic Prog from 1967 to the present day


Whimwyse at the Ferry Glasgow (supporting Focus)

I had heard Whimwyse the last time they opened for Focus at the Ferry. I had not known a great deal about them or even their ‘name’ Nick Mays who is a graduate from The Enid school of musicians. They mostly look like a bunch of rejects from Middle Earth (and I don’t mean that unkindly) but they made some excellent music.

Some people may struggle with their brand of eclectic no limits prog fusion music but you cannot fail to be intrigued by this band. Keyboard player Gonzalo Carrera has a bit of a career with others but between him and Nick Mays (a tall lanky guitarist with bigger hands than Frank Dunnery)


Emerson Lake – first 3 shows cancelled!

I have said it before many times: you get little reward for being a fervent ELP fan. It’s bad enough that (if you live long enough) you wait 15 years between tours then when the tour comes round it stutters to a false start.

Some people in Cleveland are a bit pissed off that that they drove 200 miles to the gig to be told it was cancelled at the last minute. I have spent months making all sorts of arrangements, and a fair amount of money, to fly from Glasgow, Scotland to New York to see the gig at The Nokia Theatre.

How angry do you think I’ll be if that gig is cancelled!

For sure it must have been incredibly disappointing and frustrating to get to the gig and waiting on it all happening only to be told that there is no gig. I have never heard of such circumstances in all the gigs I have  attended over 30 years.

It seems particularly irksome that there seems no good reason forthcoming at this point….. at least not yet anyway. There is a lot of speculation about in fighting but I personally don’t believe that. They must have been rehearsing for weeks before the tour and would have cleared up all artistic disagreements before this point.

Furthermore after the amount of time they have been in the business, they must have a degree of professionalism that would have overcome petty arguments.

I mean, even Roger Waters and Pink Floyd played music together at Live 8 in a professional manner and look how much abuse they had hurled at each other over the years. Even if you hate each other it is still entirely possible (and good for your career and reputation) to get over that and go and get the  job done. Yes the show must go on. Its is an entertainment cliche but it is true

My view is that it is some kind of health issue, bureaucratic issue or something more important than Emerson and Lake swinging handbags at each other. The management press release mentioned at states that the tour will continue from Monday at Annapolis MD. If you have an arguement you don’t generally agree a date for  a truce do you?

In the modern business/celebrity arena people are very cautious about opening their gob until they have worked out the ‘best outcome scenario': check out Tiger Woods or these English footballers and their wives. And given how little ELP ever tell the world anything, it is not suprising that no info is forthcoming. I mean they barely told anyone about the bloody tour! All the fans had to find out via the jungle drums and private detectives and then passed information around the  Secret Society!

Let’s hope the tour continues on Monday and the long suffering fans get what they deserve: some ELP music played by EL(P): that’s it – surely not too much to ask!

Otherwise any one fancy a beer with a jetlagged scotsman in Time Square NYC on Thursday night?……. cos I may have a few spare hours to spare!


ELP set to continue working beyond 2010?

In an interview for the first Emerson Lake gig of 2010 at Lakewood Civic Auditorium the website spoke with Keith and Greg and got some hints that we may see more from the duo/trio following this tour and the High Voltage gig in London in July.

Everyone knows that they have been writing together and the only reason to write is to record and release new music. This is very exciting since their creative output has been fairly minimal since their real ‘Imperial period': the last real album was in 1994’s In the Hot Seat. Whilst the album certainly does have it’s moments the widely held view is that it is not an ELP landmark.

But then given the arm problem Keith had at the time and the ‘post tour syndrome’ they always seem to suffer these days it is hardly a surprise.

It sounds like both players have may have mellowed with age and realise the ‘chemistry’ the have (described by Greg Lake in one of his online chat sessions) is actually worth cherishing and hopefully they can find a way to give the long suffering ELP fans a reward for their endurance.

And given the amount of crap music we all have to suffer these days in mainstream media (including the internet) we could really do with some quality music to listen to. My Brian Salad Surgery CD (an album which is impossible to listen to enough) has been played so much it is as worn as my vinyl  – now that takes some amount of playing.

I personally can’t with to go to NYC next week to see the new gig format and have them chatting to the audience too!!!! wow. Like a rare warm scottish summer it looks like 2010 is gonna be a bumper year for ELP fans.


Frankfurt Music Prize 2010 for Keith Emerson

Keith was awarded The Frankfurt Music Award for artistic and technical innovation. The award was given to Keith at Frankfurt’s Town Hall ‘Römer’on the eve of the annual Frankfurt Musikmesse, 23 March 2010.

See some German TV coverage of Keith arriving at the event, preparing for and playing at the event on Tony’s blog

The Frankfurt Music Prize was founded in 1980 and is awarded annually on the occasion of the international Musikmesse in Frankfurt by the Trustees of the Frankfurt Music Prize Foundation (Kuratorium Stiftung Frankfurter Musikpreis zur Internationalen Musikmesse Frankfurt) to personalities from the world of music for special achievements in the fields of interpretation, composition, musicology and teaching


ELP Photos from 1973 and 1978

I just stumbled across the website of photographer Al Ligammari 11 (Alimar) with some great backstage an concert photos of ELP from several shows by Al himself.

1. Backstage at Toronto in 1973 (Maple Leaf Gardens?) with a few stage shots (black and white)
2. On stage in Buffalo NY (Rich Stadium?) in 1974 (black and white)
3. On stage in Buffalo NY in 1978 (colour)

Can anyone confirm the venues?

Great shots Al – thanks for sharing
Al also has others personal photos of Yes, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Steve Hackett and Gentle Giant


The Watch – Genesis ‘tribute’ band at The Ferry, Glasgow

The Watch are an Italian band who, it seems, sometimes perform as a Genesis covers/tribute band. They seem to have a good reputation for doing what they do quite well so I am interested in seeing them at The Ferry in Glasgow on Friday 12 Feb 2010. Genesis are not an easy band to cover so they gotta be on the ball.

The last Genesis tribute I saw was the French Canadian band called The Musical Box at the Clyde Auditorium a few years ago. They were very good and are very proud of the extremes to which they go to capture a Genesis show. The front man has studied every little body movement  and voice of Peter Gabriel to re-present the early Genesis gigs in minute detail.

They use the original stage set used by Genesis in the 70’s (made out of crepe paper and orange boxes I reckon) to deliver as close to the original gig as humanly possible and regard their gig as ‘theatre’ rather than being a covers band. Memorable moments were (I guess obviously the ones with a clear costume) such as Watcher of the Skies, the Musical Box, I know what I like and Suppers ready


Emerson Lake 2010 Tour Info – Source

The agents for the Tour appear to be Paradise Music. They have published some minimal information on their website for the Emerson Lake 2010  tour so this may a good source to get new announcements for the tour.

Whilst the information at this point is pretty poor on the Paradise Artists website they do have a wee gem tucked away: a sample TV advert for a Greg Lake gig. I am not sure the gig ever took place but the ad is interesting. Can anyone confirm if this gig (The Springfield Performing Arts Centre) took place? I thought the US Tour was postponed along with the second leg of the UK Tour in 2005.

Please note. I have no official information or mandate for this information. I am merely a fan trying to find some information so that I can attend a gig or two. I managed  managed to stumble across some information by scratching around the web a little and I thought other ELP fans would probably like to know.

One word of warning. Paradise Artists’ website has pretty poor usability so you might find yourself clicking on links which you didn’t know were links and arrving at pages you did not expect. As the owner of a web Development and Internet Marketing business in Scotland I am always amazed at how bad sites can still be in 2010. Ho hum