I have just returned from the DIY Musician EU Conference in Valencia, Spain. It was a great weekend of learning, sharing and sessions by CD Baby and partners and a wonderful opportunity to meet and chat with musicians from all over the world who all share the one dream: to make a career in music.

I though I traveled far from Scotland but there were people attending from California, Argentina Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, Italy and, even my first conference buddy, Max from the Faroe Islands!

It’s always very rewarding sharing experiences, insights, stories, knowledge and ambition with other people but none more so than when it comes to musicians. I think we musicians all see/hear the world in a certain way and share that our common passion to tell our stories through our music in whichever format, style or genre.

Great people, location conference, weather, venue and organisation,

Kudos to the team at CD Baby and the team at Berklee College of Music, Valencia
I’m already signed up to go to the August 2018 Conference in Nashville.