I travelled a lot to Germany in the mid 90’s for music/recording projects. That was in the earliest days of music making with under powered computers so I would try and carry some gear on planes before they got all snotty about weights and stuff.

I remember carrying an Ensoniq Mirage Mk1 (steel chassis and case!) in a flight case on the plane to a session and trying to convince BA that it was hand luggage and very fragile.

Ha ha you can imagine the face on the BA check in person! Well….. you gotta try.

Its all different now. I’m off to Germany for writing and recording again in a few days but my entire studio exists on my Mac. I sometimes use Logic but often use Garage Band for doing quick demos while I’m on the move as its quick and easy for capturing ideas.

The wee Akai ‘keyboard’ is OK but it’s not great for playing piano parts…… or Tarkus.