I have never been a huge fan of sampling. I dunno why but I’ve just never felt comfortable with it from a playing and recording perspective. I remember initially being excited about it and splashing out around £1800 for the an Ensoniq Mirage Mk1.

I originally thought sampling offered a great answer to getting access to sounds from gear that I could never get my hands on.

And of course watching Peter Gabriel demonstrating how creative you could be using the Fairlight on his third album was really exciting.

However the Ensoniq Mirage sampler with a fiddly keypad, one slider, two digit display, 8 bit sounds and an operating system loading from a floppy disk was a very different proposition.

I remember playing a gig in a pub venue with a sound meter linked to the electrical supply so that if the band got too loud the power cut out. So waiting 3 minutes to reboot the Mirage from floppy disks between power cuts was painful.

I took my Mirage to Germany for some recording sessions in the late 90’s and forgot to bring it back so someone somewhere has an old 8 bit piece of sampling history/junk lying around.

They are welcome to it. I’ll stick to modelled instruments and the software samplers on my Mac.