Nashville, here I come

I am attending the CD Baby DIY Musician European Conference in Nashville next week. I listen to the CD Baby/DIY Musician podcast religiously and I use CD Baby as my online distributor to get my music into Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc.

Kevin Breuner and Chris Robley are the nicest blokes and do a great job with the podcast and the conference considering they both have ‘proper day jobs’ at CD Baby.

There has never been a better time to be a DIY musician as the major labels (the old guard gatekeepers) lose their stranglehold on the music industry so I am looking forward to sharing information, knowledge and experiences with fellow musicians from around the world in an attempt to get our music out to our audiences on our own terms and earn a living doing what we love to do: make music

There is a great flourishing and proactive DIY music community around the world and this is a real opportunity for us all to meet and share knowledge.

I have done a lot of networking over the years and really enjoy meeting people who have differences and similarities. We all make different styles of music and have difference experiences and backgrounds but we all share one thing in common: our commitment to writing, recording and performing music and perfecting our art.