Video Planned for Consent Under Coercion

Plans are underway for a new video shoot to support the new album Consent Under Coercion. Having completed the ‘Introduction to Brian and his music’ video with Pete and Eilidh the team are in discussions to shoot and new video which will demonstrate the new album in more detail including Brian discussing the influences and inspirations which brought him to the release of the new album. Filming is due to start in early September with a release date in October.

ROLI Seaboard

I am awaiting delivery of a shiny new ROLI Seaboard Rise 49 to play with. This revolutionary keyboard looks as it could make a real difference to keyboard players. For years keyboard players have been the poor relations in the world of musical expression. The piano, for all its greatness, is a very limited instrument. Sure it has loud and soft and lots of polyphony but in terms of expression it is extremely limited. It has no modulation routing of any sorts, no pitch bend and no aftertouch. It kinda makes you wonder why it was such a bit hit really….

Synths and samplers are good for tonality (with many sounds and routing options) bit a bit short on real time expression. Yes mod wheel and pitch bend can give you some sort of expression (and usually have to be preset to some degree) but they are still very limited in and organic sense ie real time interaction.

This is were the ROLI comes in. With its expressive surface for human interaction in real time for a variety of ‘touches’ (glide and slide being the new big hitters it surely has the making of an expressive instrument for keyboard players, and allow us some real time organic interaction with the instrument. At last. (Cue all the jokes about playing with your organ ….yawn).

Jordan Rudess and Marco Parisi are the big champions of the ROLI at the moment: but they both have a vested interest in being (I believe) ‘ROLI artists’ .

I think there is more to come  from this innovative company and technology. We’ll soon see if I am able to do anything worthwhile with it.

Video Shoot

We shot some footage in late May for a some video content for some promotional videos. Pete (in the photo with his gimbal) and Eilidh from PE Film and Photography filmed some content over a few days capturing interviews with Brian and some performance setups on a stage set.  The early draft footage looked really great and has some great promise for future video release to support the new album. Stills photos were also taken by DJM Photography.

So in a nice circular reference kinda set up we have videos of a photographer filming a stage set and videos of a photographer shooting a stage set. Good for everyone’s portfolio!

Consent Under Coercion – on the radio

Prog enthusiast and Progzilla Pro Radio Show DJ Emma Roebuck played Precious Dreamer on her Northern Star Radio Show weekly radio last week. Emma described the album as a ‘damn fine album’ and is looking to play some more from the album in the future in her Thursday Night slot  of a range of prog music from classic and new/emerging artists. She does a great job of supporting the lesser known artists – a truly noble cause indeed.

New Album being mixed

The New solo Album (working title ‘Untempered’)  is at final mixing stage. I am pleased with progress of the songs. Handling the entire project only own is a mega undertaking and things naturally take a little longer than a band of 5 players, a few producers/engineers and an army or record company execs but that’s OK.

New Album to be called Consent Under Coercion

The new album from Brian Johnstone has been given release title: Content Under Coercion with the sub title Coactus Volui. The original working title through the writing and recording process was Untempered but it has finally decided to call it Content Under Coercion. An early draft of the cover shows the ideas we were developing.