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Multi-Genre Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Producer, Entrepreneur

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A memorial for Kevin McGlin 1984 – 2021.

Our nephew (known to most as ‘Kev’) was taken from us in July 2021 at the age of only 36. He fought the scourge of cancer for several years. The family invited me to create a piece of music in his memory.
All proceeds from sales will be donated to Kev’s favourite Cancer Charity : The Beatson in Glasow

About Me

I write music…..because music

I am a musician, songwriter/composer, producer/arranger and music fanatic.  Everything I do has music involved in it to some to some degree.

I am on a life long mission to indulge, learn , play, write, compose and absorb music of all types from all people, and cultures and backgrounds. Music is the universal language.

I have been inexorably drawn to music since I was a kid despite coming from a totally non musical family and having no early musical education. I didn’t start playing piano till I was 16 and didn’t write my first song till I was in my mid 20’s.

My Top Ten Everything

Actually sometimes it’s 10, sometimes it’s more, sometimes less, but you get the idea.
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Some example songs from my main bands/projects/personas


Zdiar Album Cover - Umbra


An exploration into light and dark in the human condition.

Ianosu-The Space Between cover. Melodic, Mellow piano music for calm relaxation

The Space Between

Your life can change in an instant... the space between.

Brian Johnstone Album Cover - Consent Under Coercion

Consent Under Coercion

Is the human race self destructing? We seem to consent under coercion

Zdiar Album Cover - The Agartha Tesseract

The Agartha Tesseract

A journey to the utopian
world of Agartha

Brian Johnstone - Musician Logo

The Balance of Risk

Life, Love, Loss, Gain,
Fear, Greed, Dreams, Regrets


News (and OLDS)

Immersive audio is the next big thing

Immersive Audio 2

My wee joke about immersive audio kinda backfired. Immersive audio really is (maybe) the next big thing in audio . It’s effectively the next generation

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Songwriter Brian Johnstone with Moog T Shirt

Moog is cool

Guitarists and drummers seem to have cool T-shirts to wear and we keyboard players always get left with naff stuff. Until now that is: Moog

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musical world

Musical Travels

My musical journey continues this week, working with real session musicians from around the world. This week I have been working with a guitarist from

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African soukous music influence

Soukous what?

Part of my ‘One world’ (world/travel theme) album this is a snippet of song which incorporates (my version of) African Soukous music. As usual this

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Brian Johnstone recording studio with vibey purple lighting

Bling Bling

A window into my world – literally and metaphorically. This shot of my studio from outside the rear window does a nice job of capturing

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My Projects/Bands

Different projects/bands give me a creative outlet for many types of music and satisfy my musical curiosity, exploration and eclecticism.

Brian Johnstone - Musician Logo

Brian Johnstone

Progressive Rock, Rock, Prog/Pop, Jazz Fusion, Ambient...whatever I feel like

Zdiar Band Logo: Electronic, Cinematic, Compositional Ambient


Electronic, Cinematic,
Compositional Ambient

Ianosu Artist Logo: Melodic, Mellow, Solo piano music


Solo Piano, Melodic, Mellow, Minimalist

Featured Composition

Track: No Words
Artist/Project : Ianosu
Album: The Space Between

In times of loss or grief people often feel the need to say something sympathetic. At my mothers funeral someone looked me in the eye and said. ‘No words’ That was so powerful …and somewhat ironic.

The sentiment was right on though. Sometimes emotions can be transmitted via something more powerful than words: including music. Music has a communicative and transforming power that is totally unique. In my opinion no other art form has the ability to touch and join humans in such binding positivity.

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